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    Working from home…a blessing or a curse?


    Are you working from home today? Is that your new normal or just a one-off because of the weather or particular circumstances?  Either way, I have found that working from home is not all it is cracked up to be for a lot of people!

    It used to be that if you were given an opportunity to work from home one or two days a week, it was a reprieve from traffic, the wardrobe debacle or  just office noise. And I think if some were to go back to that pace – they might enjoy it.  Probably because it was a choice and not a requirement.  Now though, working from home is either the only option or the general requirement of the industry.  And in all the change, working from home has lost its’ star-power while putting new demands on our actual living space, our relationships and our productivity.  I hear many complain about the isolation.  We miss our work friends and family!  I hear others mutter about the distractions – usually the children! Can you believe in a day when children are excited to be going to school rather than complaining? But what about other distractions -the television, the laundry, the projects.  Is it working for you or against you?

    And then there are the dreams and goals that some have had to put on hold while others needed an entire makeover.  There is no doubt, it has been a lot to work through. But we are making  our way back.  It won’t be long before we come through this long period of change and find out what our new normal will be. What are you hoping for?

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